13 November 2018

Our journey began in the year 1981.A pvt ltd company was formed under register of companies act1956 in the name of DIAGAID Pvt Ltd Date of registration is 11th December 1981.Having its registered office address at 102, Feeder Road Belgharia, Kolkata 700056.

Having been inspired by eminent Doctors in and around Belgharia,a diagnostic clinic was formed in the name of DIAGAID CLINIC.We started our clinic initially with a 300mA x ray machine.But time and advancement is inevitable . In modern times people are becoming more health conscious.That is influencing healthcare sector making it more advanced to stand up the modern needs. Advancement in technology enabled the doctor's diagnose in a better way to make more accurate treatment. We, at Diagaid (P) Ltd diagnostic services simplify the provision of cost effective quality services in a secure environment.Running with the time we kept on adding more and more services in our clinic.

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